Another Man 17: Ezra Miller's Playlist ↘

Marvellous compilation of songs I tell you! I feel like Ezra-cat’s pjs!-Miller here took the chance to give us a delightful and refreshening taste of human awareness, LIFE awareness, ya feel, through this assortment of bjutiful and also awakening tracks! Since I swim in, often times, very particular musical waters and since this world is FULL of blooming art (most of which I want to experience!), I’m always fascinated by any playlist I can stumble upon, especially if it was arranged by someone I’m hella fond of or I admire (not to mention the greatness of the musicians in question!), so as you can imagine this is a TREASURE to me! And I’m pretty darn sure it will be one for you, too! And, you know, even as far as this wonderful human bean is from where I am, and even tho I can only try to understand as much as I can perceive from the media through art and scraps of speech I feel so certain and enthusiastic about Ezra’s bright spirit, genuinely noble stances, and sUper frEaky pOtentiaL that whatever this beamish boy shares with the world I’m just like ”Preach!!” The flow of inspo that you can channel from him is just ridonkolously awesome! But anycows, I don’t intend to encompass the unencompassable! So, without further ado! I’m just gonna list the names of the songs:

❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  ❅  

1. Oh! You Pretty Things by David Bowie

2. Lost Ones by Lauryn Hill

3. (Talk To Me Of) Mendocino by Kate & Anna McGarrigle.

4. Pick It Up by Krs One.

5. Aloha Ke Akua by Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People).

Much intrigue very kool woW…Enjoy! 

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An Opalised theropod dinosaur tooth, Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.  Australian Museum, Photographer: Carl Bento


 8 Year Old Kid Builds Crystal Grids 

…to clear negative energy and explains how it works!

Adam you brilliant kid! We are gonna need to build these intricate and purely fascinating grids all over the worldddd! Please do keep figuring them out and maybe write it all down in a book so you can treasure these discoveries forever! 

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Page 1 | Gingerhaze (Nimona Comic) ↘

Maaaaannnn…. THIS comic. It’s it’s…., aghh, I don’t even know what to say right now, except that it’s of the raddest web comics out there !, by the supah rado artist Noelle Stevenson. ”Beautiful, bjutifuuul…” 
* sweats and faints* 
-wakes up-  *serves meself a pink lemonade* *drinks it in 3 gulps* *almost chokes*
Ahh.. so yeah, Noelle is truly a virtuoso in this element. 
Not only do I highly reccomend it, but I also make a friendly warning out there that it’s one of those things that makes you wanna eat it with ur eyes and mind, and devour its contents. When all of a sudden you finish it and you realize you are a bare carcass. You are mere bones. Yeah, friend. You thought it was you who were feasting on the juicy comic, but no. The comic becomes so important and it’s so charming to the senses, that every time you come closer to the end you wonder whether you’ll ever be able to have good moments of spare time in the future. Whether Nimona, Ballister and Goldenloin will be there for you, when your mind enters crisis and it feels vapory and empty. 
It’s beautiful.
I apologize for being quite dull in proper vocabulary at the moment, ‘cause I know this is not even half of what I want to express about this marvelous web comic experience, but I’m reaaally honest about the appreciation that I feel towards this comic, and artists like Noelle Stevenson that just make the world a juicier and wondrous place.
So thanks a lot, Internet werld! Once again…

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✹ ✳SKIN ✹ by ✏ Jordana Spiro 

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Sóley - The Sun Is Going Down II 


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♞ ♚ THE MYSTERY CLUB ✍ ☻ ~ By Maggie Thrash



Salutations FRENDZ! Is u okay? Is u bored? Do you surprise thyself in the early mornings while you spread some jelly on ur bread, and realize u could definitely do with some mystery ‘n suspense in ur life!? “Has this very butter knife been the weapon to some strange murder case while I was gone, slaying the heads of many a civilian!”  You appreciate the shiny silence of the metallic cutlery and a rush of thrills wake up some goosebumps on ur skin while u stare at the sagacious tone of red that ur jelly suspiciously displays in all its vigour! U held the knife high to inspect it in da sunlight, jelly slowly dripping, when all of a sudden a sight of horror - “WAHAAAAAA!” *clink, clank* *tud* *knife falls to the rug* ……… No, haha, this mundanity does not fully “FULFILL” dat void of  mystery for ya, right son? daughter? Well u are about to get what you want, you unkempt wanderer creature. This exquisite compilation of Maggie’s stories are really goin’ to resonate a LIL’ BIT with ur BBC Sherlock aficionado feels in regards of this year so enriched with Benedict Cumberbatch stuff and such, in da sense that if u are a novice wanting to start ur very own Mystery Club…., I mean there u go! 

The stories are sooo cool and hilarious, *wipes tears off with some ol’ handkerchief* ” YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!”  The characters are flunking delightful, the narrative is flunking enjoyable, the mystery is flunking entertaining!  ( And hey! Await one of ur most adored words Vals, it’s FREE. It’s actual dazzling stories for free gurl! ~”Ahhh, da internetz does wonders, connecting and sharing, such a bjutiful phenomenon really….” ~ I mean I would certainly pay for this, but oh me god it’s freeee. Haha, I’m so obnoxious sorry.)


Au revoir, Shoshanna!

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♞ Born Rich ~ Jamie Johnson’s Documentary 

Dear mandingos, my mind ate this documentary up and it has vigorous ‘n diverse things to say about it, nevertheless, I don’t wish to stain it with statements that I’ll probably metamorph countless times as I watch it over and over again, dissecting  and exhausting every chunky truth or lil’ philosophy I suck from it, leaving it PALE like the perspective vampire I am ! Otherwordly, I’ll invite you to mentally drink this video like it was champagne and discern for urselfie what kinda taste it leaves you behind, till the last apple foam is drunk! 

(Perhaps in later encounters we can all grab our very own champagne bottles and spray them round and about while listen to Ya Hey, tryin’ to put a finger on our infinite somber existential crises and not achieving it, because I cannot even afford to think like I can buy a champagne bottle to start with! , the irony betrays artistic/poetic philosopherz, who adjust the aesthetic to see what it feels like to experience a slice of virtuous glorified human living, and so it remains uncertain whether this plan would help at all to clear the fogs since I did just accessorize my thoughts for self-gratifying effects! ahh well…)

Luv U , enjoy!

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➳ Zeitgeist: Moving Forward 

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